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Primed for Release “BPOL-NG” Introducing the Human Element

Knowledge. Managed.

All online plan rooms offer features that manage and organize your project information. Only BPOL adds the human element that can turn information into knowledge.
As your project begins, the BPOL management team assigns a project manager to work with your project team. BPOL project managers are experienced professionals—architects, designers, and construction managers—who understand project work flows and can guide your use of BPOL.
The BPOL project manager becomes your single source to organize, upload, maintain, share, and control project documentation in BPOL. The BPOL project manager works closely with your project manager to set up BPOL and to communicate with your project team.

What a BPOL project manager can do for your next project

  • analyze project requirements
  • recommend document solutions
  • organize project files to your standards
  • maintain standards to ensure consistent project practices
  • enable risk assessment
  • control document and drawing quality
  • coordinate printing activity

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